Useful information

36th Panhellenic Dental Congress
of the Hellenic Dental Association
in collaboration with the Dental Society of Attiki

Conference Venue: Megaron Mousikis Athinon 
Vass. Sophias & Kokkali, Athens 115 21, Greece
Tel: (+ 30) 2107282000. Isdn Tel: (+30) 2107290174 
Date: 2016, 10 to 12 November
Subject: Harnessing Science and Technology to serve Oral Medicine 
Conference Secretarial Support Office


Participants: The conference addresses to dentists and dental students. With the statement of participation, the participant must declare both his identity and to pay the corresponding fee.

Participation: Participation earlier of September 30, 2016 was set at 70 €. On September 30 and later on, it is fixed at 100 € for dentists. For students (they need to show their student ID) the participation was set at 50 € and 70 € respectively.
Registration of participation can be done electronically via the relevant website of H.D.A. by credit card, with bank deposit to the Secretarial Support Office or with a physical presence in the offices of the HAD or in one of the Dental Societies of Attica, Thessaloniki and Piraeus.



Language: The official language of the Conference is Greek. Scheduled presentations in a foreign language would be translated.

Headphones and translation receivers: For a free receipt and use of receivers and headphones from the Secretariat it is required the submission of the identity card or the passport of the participant. They will be given back on the return of the headphones and translation receivers. This procedure is a commitment of acceptance of the transaction and billing in case of loss.

Abstracts - Certificate of attendance – Bag, etc

Exhibition for dental materials and tools

Parking: .

Information: For everything related to the conference (program, halls, exhibitors, blueprints of spaces, instructions, etc.) participants will enable to learn through the website of H.D.A. or by contacting the Secretariat.

Attention !!! Smoking is not allowed at the place of the Congress. Videotaping or photographing the speakers’ lectures is prohibited. Participants are kindly requested to have their mobile phones “turned off” during their presence in the Halls providing the congress program. Such limitations are measures of self-esteem, social sensitivity and cultural ethos.