Information on the registration of participants of the 36th PDC

The Organizing Committee of the 36th PDC taking into account the difficult economic conditions as well as the need of the institution of PDC to continue financial independently in covering only the costs of its organization came to the decision to designate as cash subscription amount

 Early Registration until
Registration after
Dentists 70 € 100 €
Students 50 € 70€


The student ID is needed to be shown to the Secretariat office, for students. Post graduate students will be considered as undergraduate students if their name is referred into the relevant lists of the studying department of the Dental Schools. For the speakers of the free program of the Congress is mandatory to be registered for accepting the submitted work.

The registration process to the Congress will be provided in the following ways:
A) with the attendance of the participant at the offices of the Hellenic dental Association or at one of the three Dental Societies, Attica, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, where along with the payment of Registration at the 36th PDC will complete the Registration Form with the appropriate information.
B) By completing the Registration Form and the deposit of the amount in the account maintained by the ...

Attention to the repository document, and especially to the reference "ground", you must state the name of the participant followed by the indication to the 36th PDC (example: George Papadopoulos - 36 PDC)

Thereafter the completed Registration Form and the repository document of the Bank should be sent to FAX ... , for validating the Registration.
C) With online registration by credit card, click here.